Greetings Family,

On July 25th my team and I were elected to serve as the new leadership of our organization as we celebrated twenty years. We had a great time as usual and by all accounts members left inspired & energized. I believe this applies to both the work that lies ahead as well as conference coming to Houston in 2020.

Since our inception we have worked to support our Affiliates & develop a leadership pipeline for the Urban League. We can count among our alumni individuals who are Affiliate CEOs, elected officials, corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Even with all that we have accomplished as individuals and collectively we still have so much more to do. Our role has expanded to where we must lead in every space, bridge generational gaps, and solve problems that have plagued our community for decades.

Today we live in a nation where black lives have little to no value, mass shootings have become the norm, children are being stripped from their families, women cannot receive equal pay, and a host of other issues. So what does that mean for you and I? We must achieve record voter turnout in both presidential and local elections! We must ensure that every soul is counted in the census! We must become the best version of ourselves and we must come together as a family! We are necessary! You are needed and we must all step up to lead now.

In the coming months my team and I look forward to meeting with you to hear your ideas and work together to advance the movement. It will take all of us to create the impact that we want to see and our communities desperately need.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

Yours in the movement,

Ray B. Shackelford
President, National Urban League Young Professionals